We’re excited to introduce the Self-Reflection & Appreciation Program

Acknowledging Outstanding Student Growth!

Kothari International School takes immense pride in fostering the complete development of our students. We’re excited to introduce the Self-Reflection and Appreciation Program 2023, an integral part of our Health & Wellness initiative. This initiative encourages students to engage in introspection, promoting personal growth and self-recognition.

In this program, students participate bi-monthly, utilizing a Google Form for self-reflection on various behavioral parameters. This practice not only enhances self-awareness but also nurtures positive behavior traits.

We’re thrilled to announce the Star of The Month awardees for July, who have shown exceptional commitment to their personal development:

Grade 4:

Aadya Agarwal (Section 4 A)
Samaira Sharma (Section 4 B)
Pratyussh T Goel (Section 4 C)
Rudra Upadhyay (Section 4 D)
Anvika Tyagi (Section 4 E)
Tanvi Sood (Section 4 F)
Arshnoor Kaur (Section 4 G)
Ishika Baisoya (Section 4 H)
Grade 5:

Abhivanth Bose (Section 5 A)
Gauri Pandey (Section 5 B)
Tanmay Gogia (Section 5 C)
Nakshatra Goel (Section 5 D)
Kavyansh Verma (Section 5 E)
Grade 6:

Ankitaa Gupta (Section 6 A)
Aarna Nirwan (Section 6 B)
Reyansh Garg (Section 6 C)
Parth Kathuria (Section 6 D)
Pratyaksha Singhal (Section 6 E)
Grade 7:

Arjun Mittal (Section 7 A)
SIDDHI GUPTA (Section 7 B)
Kritika Agarwal (Section 7 C)
Suyasha Singh Awana (Section 7 D)
Avram Sharma (Section 7 E)
ADITI GUPTA (Section 7 F)
Grade 8:

Ishita Marathe (Section 8 C)
Reyansh Nagpal (Section 8 D)
Congratulations to these exceptional students for their dedication and efforts toward self-improvement. Your commitment inspires us all. Continue to shine brightly and reach for the stars!