Learning Together

Kothari International School, Noida
Learning Together Cell
Session 2023-2024

The Learning Together Cell is created to provide continuous professional development to all teachers. The program focuses on enrichment of skills, value addition and upgrading the teacher’s knowledge as per ongoing developments in the field of education.

The workshops are carefully planned on the basis of a need analysis done by taking feedback from all section In-charges and subject In-charges regarding the teacher’s requirements. The purpose of this endeavor is to keep our teachers updated, well equipped for tomorrow and to provide them a competitive edge over their peers in the education world so that they are ready to groom and nurture the achievers and leaders of tomorrow.

Learning Together has planned and executed programmes for diverse domains, including 21 century skills, teaching methods and strategies, subject competencies, mental emotional wellbeing etc , to name only a few. Learned resource persons from their respective fields have been engaged for the same. Also, Learning Together Cell has organized CBSE capacity building workshops at Kothari International School Noida and has been continuously registering teachers to attend CBSE workshops as per government mandate.