Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of our Grade-2 students

Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of our Grade-2 students. Ridhima Kachroo emerged as the shining star, securing the First position and winning a well-deserved cash prize. 🥇🏆 Additionally, we applaud Vivaan Jha for his exceptional performance, earning him the Performer’s trophy. 🌟
At KIS, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. Each accomplishment adds a feather to our cap of achievements, and it’s with students like Ridhima and Vivaan that this journey is elevated to new heights. Their dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence truly embody the spirit of Kothari International School.
We believe that such platforms not only showcase our students’ abilities but also cultivate their confidence and passion. As we continue to support their growth, we’re excited about the promising future they are crafting for themselves.
Let’s celebrate our young achievers and look forward to even greater accomplishments in the days to come!