KIS has sustained a high academic standard over the past ten years. A comprehensive and balanced curriculum nurtures the individual talents of students and teachers help them to relate the experiences of the classroom to the realities of the world outside. Through challenging academic exercise and intellectual vigour students are trained to become critical and compassionate thinkers. They are encouraged to become informed participate in local and world affairs. They are sensitized to appreciate and respect the diverse attitudes and cultures, which spice up the fabric of life. The curriculum is planned to achieve a balance between the search for understanding and acquisition of essential knowledge and skills. The development of positive attitude and opportunities for positive action are built into the curriculum.

Besides developing basic concepts in each area, the focus of the CBSE curriculum in this critical preparatory phase is to develop the child’s attitude and aptitude to be a life-long learner. The challenge is to sharpen the learner’s ability to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to day-to-day life situations. In short, to be able to put what she/he has learnt to good use.Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum. CBSE has introduced practical-learning in Social Science and Mathematics with a Weightage of 20%, while the Weightage for practicals in Science and Technology has been increased to 40%.Learning areas include two Languages- Communicative English, Second language (Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Sanskrit), Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science, Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education. Teaching is done through lectures, projects, presentation, group discussion, workshops and seminars. Testing and examination are regular, rigorous in accordance with the CBSE pattern.

In today’s world of globalization, the primary aim of education is to empower and equip students with relevant skills to step out confidently into the world that both beckons and challenges. The CBSE curriculum is designed towards achieving this goal and is on par with international standards. This is the time that the interest and aptitude of the students crystallises into a desire for learning that is in tandem with their inclinations and preferences.