Sports Programs

The curriculum is structured to teach body basic functionality along with kid’s fundamental movement and gross motor skills progressively in a ‘FUN’ way. The age progressive training module targets the kids from K to Grade 3. With over 250 + fun activities using props and music, KID-FIT is designed to not only improve fitness and sport abilities but also help instill healthy lifestyle habits among kids and assist in their overall development. The activities are conducted by specialized KID- FIT coaches who are experienced in managing and engaging young kids.

The program focuses on very basic yet essential skills like locomotors and traveling skills, body and space awareness, jumping and landing, transferring weight, throwing and catching, chasing, fleeing and dodging, kicking and striking, injury prevention and safety, pathways and directions, balancing, co-operative learning, rhythms and dance.

Encourages physical activities at an early age to ensure overall development and well being Helps in enhancing gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and balance. It also introduces the basics of running, jumping, throwing and catching that is fundamental to all sports Kids understand the importance of being active, doing regular exercises and eating right Encompasses use of shapes, colors, alphabets and body charts that supplements classroom education Involves fun activities that facilitate team work and group interactions critical to improving social skills. The sessions imbibe positive behavioral traits and provide a positive outlet for expending energy.