Welcome Address by Ms. Kajal Jain (Section In-charge)

Kindergarten is an exciting time in a child’s life and parents are child’s first and most important teachers. We need both their input and support to ensure that children’s Kindergarten experience is a good one!

Kindergarten educational program is trying to deliver beyond the limits of the academic curriculum. It offers a wholesome and sound education where a child’s first experience of school sets an approach to learning.

Children need to feel safe and have a classrooms that combine wonder and energy and foster a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child an equal opportunity to interact with teachers and fellow students. The kindergarten years focus on learning through experience, interaction and inquiry

Even the youngest students start out learning the steps for a successful life, through a curriculum that includes much more than the attractive classroom setting. The hands-on approach involves regular field trips, homework and various outside educational opportunities

Parents can watch their child develop social and academic skills day by day, and take pleasure in knowing how well they are being nurtured and inspired.