ECO School


Staying committed to the UN sustainability goals of environmental well-being, we at Kothari International School, Noida, are dedicated towards taking our school, children and faculty towards environmental excellence, in the years to come.

What exactly does it mean to GO GREEN? – The KIS fraternity is a strong believer in taking steps towards protecting the environment and doing our part towards securing the future for the generations in our charge. ‘Going Green,’ to us, simply means taking the necessary steps to go beyond academia by teaching and empowering our children towards a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable living. We do this with regular engagement in action-oriented and socially liable learning projects.

It is our endeavor that our ‘Kothari’s Green Regime’ would significantly contribute towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions, the carbon footprint, energy costs etc. and, that all of our goals would be achieved with 100% student involvement.

Keeping in line with the goals we have set for our school, the projects initiated within our School Campus are detailed as under:


Every ounce of oil, every lump of coal and every cubic foot of natural gas could be left in the ground if only we could capture one hours’ worth of solar energy each year. With this scale of opportunity our school has committed itself towards choosing a renewable energy source i.e. solar panels, thereby reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed and minimizing our carbon footprint. We have found that solar energy is a cleaner and safer alternative to commercialized fuels such as gas etc. Five dedicated solar panels help us achieve our energy goal and our objective is to increase that number and ‘stay solar superior’ in the years to come.

Lights in the school have transitioned over the years from regular commercial lighting to CFL’s and now to low consumption LED’s.


Kothari International School is a firm believer of going green through ‘Planting Trees and Planting Hope.’ Our school has committed itself to an annual tree plantation drive and has been successful in implementation over the last two years. The year 2019 saw a slight difference in the drive with specific focus being given to the plantation of trees with medicinal value. The project involved approximately 160 students with a multidisciplinary approach to learning.


Kothari International School controls and reduces water surplus, consumes fresh water as efficiently as possible and recovers and reuses water to the extent feasible as basic efficiency measures can help increase a school’s efficiency. These reductions help the environment, locally and regionally and lower a school’s operating expenses. Our state of the art landscaping, water treatment, and recycling strategies are used to help instruct students on ecology and the environment thereby working in tandem to achieve our goals.

Our School’s efficient RO system has ensured that we work towards meeting the goals set on energy efficiency and water sustainability. Water is recycled throughout the day and reused to meet the water consumption of the school. All water used in the restrooms are transitioned from the RO sources at the end of the day and are thereby effectively re utilized.

Due to the severe water scarcity in many regions we have found that the only way to combat water scarcity is by creating systems for artificial recharge of groundwater. Collected rainwater is stored and utilized in different ways thereby ensuring that rain water harvesting is the prime responsibility of the school.

A Green school like ours, includes overwhelming health and educational benefits. We hope to continue exploring real-world problems and becoming a community of environmentally-minded thinkers.