KIS Health & Wellness Program, an enriching Puberty Education

As part of the KIS Health & Wellness Program, an enriching Puberty Education Workshop was organized in collaboration with Right Side Story and Whisper India on December 19, 2023. The workshop aimed to engage girl students in Grades 5-9 and LS1-IGCSE-1, providing them with knowledge about the concept of puberty. Ms. Kaninika Bharadwaj, a Comprehensive Student Well-being Expert at Right Side Story, served as the resource person for this workshop.
The experience of students at the Puberty Workshop was fascinating and enlightening. They finally gained understanding about their bodies and had the opportunity to clear their doubts regarding puberty. The resource person provided detailed explanations about the menstrual cycle, ensuring that students acquired knowledge about its workings and essential information relevant to them. Additionally, she covered the dos and don’ts of menstruation, along with explaining the intricacies of the female anatomy.
At the end of the workshop, girl students were given two different sets of sanitary napkins. Overall, it was an insightful experience for our female students, contributing to their holistic well-being.