Fairtrade Awareness Campaign at Kothari International School

Fairtrade Awareness Campaign at Kothari International School by Ajanta Sikdar
To promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about Fairtrade, an Awareness Workshop was conducted at Kothari International School by Ms Ajanta Sikdar, Senior Consultant- Youth and Education Programme, (Fairtrade Project by Centre for Social Markets)
The objective of the Programme was to educate students, teachers, and Parent representatives about Fairtrade principles, emphasizing the importance of ethical and sustainable consumption.
Principal Dr Sangeeta Arora, addressed the gathering and put on gears the Steering Committee for the same.
Ms Bina Jha as the lead of the Steering Committee comprising of Ms Parul Saxena, Ms Priti Sharma, Ms Vandana Choubey, Ms Amanda Conlan, Ms Vandana Choubey, Ms Garima Joshi, Mr Gaurav Saxena and Ms Nishu Goel along with Student delegates ranging from Grade 5 to Grade 11 felt very strongly about correction in consumer choice.
Parents, Mr Santosh Kumar Pandde (Sustainability Professional), Mr Sanjay Kumar Singh (Advocate Supreme Court) and Mr Ajay Shukla were very happy to be a part of this Fairtrade Movement and expressed appreciation at the initiative of Kothari International School.
Fairtrade is a Global Movement that aims to ensure fair wages and working conditions for farmers and workers in developing countries. The initiative encourages consumers to choose products that meet specific social, economic, and environmental standards. By supporting Fairtrade, individuals contribute to the well-being of producers in marginalized communities and promote environmentally friendly practices.
The sessions included discussions on the impact of Fairtrade on producers, communities, and the environment. Participants were engaged in activities to enhance their understanding of the challenges faced by farmers in developing countries.
The session garnered support from the school community, with many expressing a willingness to continue promoting Fairtrade practices beyond the campaign duration.
The Session laid the foundation for ongoing efforts to promote ethical and sustainable practices within the school community.