Celebrating Excellence at Kothari International School!

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievement of our shining star, Abhidha Singh Dev from Grade 6C, who has not only dazzled us but has also made us immensely proud on the national stage.
CBSE Gymnastics Nationals:
In the recently concluded CBSE Gymnastics Nationals organized by Chitrakoot Int. School, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Abhidha soared to incredible heights, securing the prestigious 3rd place. Her dedication, skill, and passion shone through, showcasing the true spirit of a Kotharian.
SGFI Gymnastics Sub Junior Nationals Championship:
Adding another feather to her cap, Abhidha went on to secure the 3rd position in the SGFI Gymnastics Sub Junior Nationals Championship held at the iconic Indira Gandhi Stadium, Delhi. Not only did she shine individually, but her outstanding performance also contributed to the team securing a trophy.
A Round of Applause for Abhidha!
Abhidha’s journey exemplifies the values of perseverance, dedication, and sportsmanship that Kothari International School aims to instill in its students. Let’s join hands in applauding her extraordinary achievements and wishing her continued success in her gymnastics journey.