We’re thrilled to share insights from the two-day boot camp

We’re thrilled to share insights from the two-day boot camp on Ideation, Design, and Entrepreneurship, organized by the Ministry of Education at NIET, Greater Noida, on April 9th and 10th. This transformative event aimed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys.

The boot camp kicked off with engaging sessions on “Let’s Ideate – Igniting Innovations with Design Magic” and “Self-Discover Your EntrepreFlow.” Participants were inspired to unleash their creativity and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. The importance of identifying opportunities and applying design thinking to solve problems was underscored.

Later, a session on “Entrepreneurial Innovation: Discover Opportunity to Spark” provided valuable insights into recognizing market gaps and developing innovative solutions. The day concluded with a captivating Studentpreneur Talk, where successful student entrepreneurs shared their experiences and lessons learned on their entrepreneurial path.

The second day focused on “Crafting Awesome Ideas & Solutions: Making Your Business Stand Out!” Participants learned strategies for developing unique value propositions and creating differentiation in the market. Additionally, an overview of grants and funding opportunities for student startups was provided, highlighting avenues for financial support to kickstart entrepreneurial ventures.

The day culminated with an exciting session on Rapid Prototyping, where participants gained hands-on experience in quickly developing and testing prototypes of their business ideas. This practical session enabled participants to refine their concepts and validate their business models effectively.