Youth Leadership and Mental Health Well-being Progra

Our students from Kothari International School, Noida, recently had an enriching experience at Billabong High International School’s Youth Leadership and Mental Health Well-being Program!
Through engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and team-building activities, they developed essential leadership skills and learned valuable strategies for managing mental health. The program emphasized empathy, collaboration, and resilience, preparing our students to thrive both personally and academically.
They also participated in dynamic sessions on entrepreneurship, choreography, Nukkad Natak, and creating an e-newsletter. This diverse program nurtured their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and technical skills.
Congratulations to participants:
• Trisha Upadhyay (12C1)
• Siddhant Singh Shah (11B2)
• Siddhi Gupta (10B)
• Vishwaraj Byru (9D)
• Ishana Kaushik (8A)
• Narun Garg (7A)