Professional Development Cell of Kothari International School

We take immense pride in announcing that the Professional Development Cell of Kothari International School – Learning Together orchestrated two enlightening workshops on the 24th of May, as part of the ongoing PD program for our esteemed staff members.
The first workshop featured an invigorating Zumba session exclusively tailored for our dedicated teachers, expertly conducted by the highly accomplished Ms. Shweta. The session exuded boundless energy and enthusiasm, transforming it into an exceptionally enjoyable class that combined sensational music with awe-inspiring choreography executed by our esteemed educators.
The second session of the day encompassed a meditation workshop led by the esteemed Ms. Nivedita, a certified facilitator from OSHO. The workshop radiated an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Through meticulously curated activities, the facilitator aided the teachers in relieving stress and acquiring invaluable meditation techniques.