Pehal- Culmination Event of Special Interest Clubs

We are thrilled to share the remarkable journey of Pratiti – The SDGS Club during our Club Culmination event, “Pehal,” held on 8.02.2024 within our school premises. With 22 dedicated student members and the guidance of our club incharges, we showcased an array of activities, models, and workshops that we undertook throughout the academic year 2023-2024.
Here’s a glimpse of what we accomplished:
1️⃣ Mushroom Farming: We explored sustainable practices by visiting a Mushroom farm in Faridabad. Our students learned how to turn waste products into a thriving business opportunity.
2️⃣ E-Waste Management: Sharing our experience of conducting an E-Waste drive in school and participating in insightful workshops.
3️⃣ Butterfly Garden: We created a beautiful butterfly garden on our school premises to support biodiversity and foster a healthy environment.
4️⃣ Fair Trade: Initiating drives for fair and ethical consumption, raising awareness through engaging activities like Spot the Logo and Logo Coloring.
5️⃣ Bio enzymes: Our club successfully prepared bio enzymes, conducted tests for effectiveness on plants, and sold them to promote plant health.
6️⃣ Handmade Papers: Showcasing and selling handmade papers and coasters crafted by our talented students.
7️⃣ Waste Management: Spreading awareness about responsible waste disposal through the use of color-coded bins – RED, BLUE, & GREEN.
8️⃣ Survey: Conducting surveys to gather valuable insights on sustainability practices.
9️⃣ Oath Taking: Pledging together towards our theme – “A leap towards sustainability.”
Thank you to everyone who supported us in our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future! Together, we can make a difference.