Our Grade 3 superstars at the Silverzone-IOEL competition

Celebrating Brilliance at Kothari International School!
We’re thrilled to announce the exceptional achievements of our Grade 3 superstars at the Silverzone-IOEL competition organized by Silverzone! These young minds have soared to new heights, clinching medals and making us immensely proud!
Rudransh Rai Gupta leads the pack as the Bronze medalist and State Topper! Krisha Singh follows closely with a shining Silver Medal, and Shlok Goel secures another Bronze Medal in this prestigious Olympiad.
Their outstanding performance is a testament to their linguistic prowess and our school’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence. We couldn’t be prouder of their dedication and hard work!
Let’s shower these incredible students with our heartiest congratulations for their remarkable accomplishments!