Celebrating Science Brilliance in Grade 3

The Silver Zone Science Olympiad has been a showcase of extraordinary talent and exceptional achievements from our budding scientific geniuses! This competition was filled with stimulating questions designed to challenge students’ understanding of scientific concepts and problem-solving abilities.
Our Grade 3 participants truly shone bright, exhibiting commendable knowledge and creativity in their responses! Not only did they demonstrate academic prowess, but they also ignited a spirit of inquiry and exploration in the fascinating realm of science.
This Olympiad has not only been a test of knowledge but also a journey toward fostering a lifelong love for learning and scientific inquiry among our young learners. Let’s join hands in congratulating these stellar students for their remarkable accomplishments!
🥈 Rudransh Rai Gupta – Silver Medal
🥈 Shrehaan Srivastava – Silver Medal (State Topper)
🥉 Audvik Sharma – Bronze Medal
Keep shining, young scientists!