‘Curiosity is the essence of our existence ‘.

Apprehending the requisite to generate a scientific disposition and nurture the essence of inquisitiveness and innovation among young minds, the KIS Atal Tinkering Lab(ATL) participated in the India’s Largest Tinkering Event-“Mega Tinkering Activity”, organized by Atal Innovation Mission(AIM) across all 10,000 Atal Tinkering Labs on 14th November (Children’s Day).

The objectives of this Mega 1-day Tinkering Event was to promote Innovation Spirit among students by building a simple Tinkering Project together in a group. The activity was conducted in a You Tube Live ‘Build Together’ Session, where the group of students designed the whole project from scratch with trainers on YouTube.

The KIS budding inventors designed creative models like functional windmills, ceiling fan, table fan using the materials and components instructed by AIM during the session.

The school also participated in Tinkering Day Contest and was felicitated with Certificate of Appreciation.

All the students exuded confidence while working on models and enjoyed the session thoroughly.