‘Kiran Nadar Museum of Art’ with our talented Grade 7 students

On 29th September 2023, Kothari International School embarked on an educational excursion to the ‘Kiran Nadar Museum of Art’ with our talented Grade 7 students.
Guided by the passionate experts, Ms. Yukta Kapoor and Ms. Saloni Agarwal from the museum administration, our students delved into the world of art. They didn’t just see paintings; they felt the soul of each piece.
The theme of the exhibition was ‘Prussian Blue.’ This mesmerizing hue carries a unique history, diverse significance in different faiths, and a wealth of symbolism. Our students had the privilege of exploring the multitude of perceptions, ideas, societal issues, and emotions intertwined with this rich color.
They were captivated by the artistry on display, and it wasn’t long before they found inspiration in the exhibition’s theme.
Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to foster creativity and imagination among our students!