Inter-House Group Dance Competition Grades 4 & 5

Inter-House Group Dance Competition
Grades 4 & 5
The inter-house group dance competition was held on September 26, 2023. The theme for the event was ‘Saving Our Environment.’ The show commenced with a band performance, featuring a beautiful rendition of the song “Memories” by the popular band Maroon 5.
Following the band performance, Nishchay House took the stage with their dance performance, emphasizing the importance of combatting air pollution. Vishwas House followed suit, portraying the message of environmental conservation, particularly focusing on the preservation of our planet’s trees through their dance act.
Siddhant House was the third group to perform, also highlighting the theme of saving the Earth. Shakti House graced the stage, showcasing the significance of water conservation through their captivating group dance.
All the participants displayed tremendous dedication and enthusiasm in their performances. The judging criteria included factors such as creativity, entertainment value, and synchronized choreography. Our distinguished judges for the event were Ms. Rashmi and Ms. Ankita from the senior wing, both renowned experts in the art of dance.
Our esteemed Principal also graced the event with her presence. The event concluded with a mesmerizing solo performance by Yuvraj Singh from Grade 5. As the results were announced, a tie was declared between Nishchay House and Vishwas House, while Shakti House and Siddhant House secured the first and second ranks, respectively.
The event was an overwhelming success, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our students and the guidance of our music and dance teachers.