Congratulations to Vivaan Kapoor and Daksh Meher

Congratulations to Vivaan Kapoor and Daksh Meher, our brilliant Grade-1 students from Kothari International School, for achieving an outstanding International Rank -6 in the LogIQids Mental Aptitude Olympiad 2022-23! 🏆🌟
Their remarkable performance in this prestigious competition is a testament to their exceptional cognitive abilities and dedication. We couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and achievements.
This incredible feat not only showcases the talent of Vivaan and Daksh but also reflects the commitment and support of their teachers and parents, who have nurtured their intellectual growth.
We applaud Vivaan Kapoor and Daksh Meher for their perseverance, problem-solving skills, and exemplary performance. They have set a shining example for their peers and inspired us all to strive for excellence.
Let’s extend our heartiest congratulations to Vivaan and Daksh, along with their families, for this remarkable accomplishment. We are confident that their success will inspire other students to aim high and unlock their full potential.