Congratulations to Kshitij Goel of 10-A

Congratulations to Kshitij Goel of X-A for winning the Best Swimmers Trophy at the 52nd Junior State Swimming Championship 2023!
Here are his amazing medalist achievements:
1500 mtrs. – 🥇
800 mtrs. – 🥇
400 mtrs. – 🥇
200 mtrs. – 🥇
200 mtrs. – 🥈
Kshitij is the 2nd Kotharian ever to win the Individual Championship Trophy at the State swimming championship level, following in the footsteps of our ace swimmer Ansh Arora. This was his entry year in the Gr-1 category. We are proud of his accomplishments and wish him all the best for the Swimming Nationals in Bhubaneshwar next month!