Celebrating Success: Congratulations to our Champions!

Celebrating Success: Congratulations to our Champions!
We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our students in the recent competition Winter Sports Carnival Badminton Tournament 2023. Their determination, skill, and sportsmanship have brought honor to our school. Let’s applaud their remarkable accomplishments in various categories. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of our victorious participants!
Category: U9 Girls Singles
🥇 Priyanshi Vaibhav (3H) – 1st Place
🥉 Ayka Gera (3G) – 3rd Place
Category: U11 Girls Singles
🥇 Haniya Khan (6B) – 1st Place
🥈 Ruhi Gaur (4G) – 2nd Place
🥉 Saira Gugnani (5B) – 3rd Place
Category: U11 Boys Singles
🥉 Shaurya Kalra (5A) – 3rd Place
Category: U13 Girls Singles
🥇 Advika Bansal (6B) – 1st Place
Category: U13 Boys Singles
🥇 Ritvik Tamta (7B) – 1st Place
🥈 Parth Kathuriya (6D) – 2nd Place
Category: U15 Girls Singles
🥇 Diya Dhawan (9A) – 1st Place
🥈 Divyanshi Vaibhav (9C) – 2nd Place
Category: U15 Boys Singles
🥈 Arshdeep Singh Kalra (8F) – 2nd Place
Category: U17 Girls Singles
🥇 Diya Dhawan (9A) – 1st Place
Category: U11 Girls Doubles
🥇 Haniya Khan (6B) & Ruhi Gaur (4G) – 1st Place
Category: U13 Girls Doubles
🥇 Advika Bansal (6B) & Haniya Khan (6B) – 1st Place
As we reflect on the remarkable victories of our students, let’s also acknowledge the dedication of their coaches and the unwavering support of their families. Together, they have nurtured talent, instilled values, and inspired greatness. Let this be a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance, and passion. Congratulations once again to our champions! Your achievements inspire us all. Here’s to many more triumphs in the future.