KIS hosted a comprehensive CBSE workshop on Financial Literacy

On the 10th of February 2024, Kothari International School, Noida hosted a comprehensive #CBSE workshop on #Financial Literacy, skillfully conducted by Mr. Atul Aggarwal. Attended by the dedicated educators of the Primary wing, the workshop aimed at empowering teachers with essential knowledge on financial planning and literacy.
Mr. Aggarwal delved into various facets of financial literacy, enlightening participants on prudent ways of saving, strategic financial planning across different life stages, and the invaluable benefits of investing in life insurance and health policies. Using real-life examples, he elucidated diverse investment strategies, emphasizing the heightened importance of long-term investment strategies in the post-pandemic era.
The session not only motivated attendees toward secure investments but also addressed the pressing issue of personal money management principles. Mr. Aggarwal offered insights on safeguarding against fraud and phishing, equipping the teachers with crucial knowledge to navigate the financial landscape safely.
The workshop proved immensely beneficial, fostering a dynamic interaction where teachers clarified doubts, gained valuable insights into investments, and collectively recognized the paramount importance of prudent earnings management.