Workshop on Body Image and Self

Body Image refers to the perception and evaluation individuals have about their own bodies.
As part of the KIS Enrichment Program, an enthralling workshop was organized in collaboration with the Fortis Mental Health Department on October 12, 2023, aimed at engaging students from Grades 7-8, LS-2, and LS-3 in understanding the concept of Body Image and Self. The resource person for this workshop was Ms. Ayesha, an Expressive Art-Based Therapist at Fortis Healthcare.
The workshop began with an interactive activity where students were encouraged to express their own views on the concept of body image. Following this, they were educated about the significance of maintaining a positive body image and self.
This was followed by an engaging activity in which students were asked to draw an outline of their body using two colors. One color was used to showcase the positive aspects of their body, while the second color depicted the negative aspects.
The workshop concluded with a discussion on the benefits of cultivating a positive body image and self. Overall, this workshop provided a valuable opportunity for students to gain knowledge about developing a positive body image and its positive impact on their mental health.