We’re thrilled to announce our triumphant victory

We’re thrilled to announce our triumphant victory at the Agaaz Inter School Roller Skating Championship held at Sirifort Sports Complex, Delhi on April 28, 2024!
A huge round of applause to our talented skaters who brought home the laurels, showcasing exceptional skill and determination on the rink!
First Position Winners:
Chaarvik Jaiswal (Grade 2F)
Anika Rana (Grade 3D)
Avika Rana (Grade 3H)
Areeb Ali (Grade 1C)
Shreyash Iyer (Grade 1A)
Dishti Alwadhi (Grade 4B)
Vikrant Singh Rajawat (Grade 5F)
Aanya Gupta (Grade 6C)
Aadvik Bhatnagar (Grade 9A)
Second Position Winners:
Panshul Rajput (Grade 2E)
Atharv Jain (Grade 3A)
Ashmi Srivastava (Grade 4G)
Aadvik Sinha (Grade 3A)
Aaria Mishra (Grade 5C)
Aadya Vats (Grade 6C)
Inaaya Singh (Grade 2C)
Third Position Winners:
Anirudh Gupta (Grade 1C)
Daksh Goel (Grade 6E)
Dyuti Rajput (Grade 7F)
Congratulations to all our skaters for their outstanding performances! Together, we clinched the Overall First Position, showcasing the true spirit of teamwork and excellence!