We congratulate our little budding artist

Experts say art and craft is the most significant way to help students to have holistic development.
Not only does it prepare for academic success, but it also fosters kids’ creativity as well as nurtures cultural awareness and it’s said that it’s never too early to start.
Art and Craft is a great outlet to explore, express and create, especially for students during their growing years when spoken language is challenging to them. Keeping this in mind the student of K1 was taken for an Inter-School Competition -Insight 2023 on 28th July 2023.
We are thrilled to share that the young artist – Aadya Shri Gupta of K1 won 2nd prize in Art and Craft Competition under the theme Wizard of Shapes (Underwater World). The confidence shown by her during the competition was commendable.
We congratulate our little budding artist for her exceptional feat and wish her the very best in her future endeavors.
Congratulations to her dedicated mentors for emerging victorious in this prestigious competition thereby celebrating the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead.