We are thrilled to share that the Professional Development

We are thrilled to share that the Professional Development Cell of Kothari International School- Learning Together organized two highly engaging workshops on 29th May exclusively for our esteemed staff members. Here’s a breakdown of the enriching sessions:

🔹 Workshop 1: “Application of Basic Counseling Skills” led by Ms. Anuna from Fortis Healthcare. This informative workshop delved into various important topics, including the characteristics of an effective counselor, the ABC model of emotions, common psychiatric conditions, and crucial signs to watch out for. The session provided valuable insights and practical knowledge, empowering our staff members with essential counseling skills.

🔹 Workshop 2: “Time Management” led by our esteemed Dr. Sangeeta Arora, Principal of Kothari International School. This fruitful session focused on the significance of effective time management. Engaging activities were carried out, emphasizing the importance of prioritization and maximizing productivity. Our staff members actively participated, making the workshop conducive and highly beneficial.

Both workshops served as incredible opportunities for our staff members to enhance their professional skills, gain valuable knowledge, and foster personal growth. We deeply appreciate the expertise shared by Ms. Anuna and our very own Dr. Sangeeta Arora, whose guidance and insights greatly contributed to the success of these workshops.

We applaud the efforts of the Professional Development Cell and the Learning Together team for organizing these enriching sessions, and promoting continuous growth and learning among our dedicated staff members.

At Kothari International School, we firmly believe in nurturing a culture of ongoing professional development, enabling our staff members to excel in their roles and provide the best educational experience for our students.