The HT Magazine Designing workshop was held on..

The HT Magazine Designing workshop was held on 13 April 2023 and attended by schools across Delhi. It was held in the HT office at Connaught Place. The participants were given an overview of the workshop’s content before it began. The workshop primarily encapsulated the following five fundamentals of magazine designing-

NAMEPLATE- should be the center of focus.
FONT- should be consistent, usual fonts to be used are- Serif or Sans Serif.
COLOUR- should use opposite colors with reference to the color spectrum.
GRID- The material must adhere to a consistent grid (with a specific number of rows and columns)
STRUCTURE- Content should be light in the beginning and end, and long in the middle.

The aforementioned five elements should be considered while writing for a newspaper or a magazine. This insightful workshop followed by an interactive discussion culminated in a wonderful skill development session for the teacher and the student participants. The workshop was very engaging and the attendees acquired knowledge about Magazine Designing. At the end of the workshop, students also received certificates of Participation and a photograph with an experienced trainer- Ms. Monika Gupta.