The best way to teach 3D shapes is to build them

The best way to teach 3D shapes is to build them. When children begin to build 3D shapes, they can better understand how the different faces and corners come together to make a complete solid figure. As a means to reinforce the topic of 3D Shapes, the students of Grade 2 were engaged in a fun learning experience on 08th May 2024 – “3D Shape Craft”.
This hands-on, explorative approach empowered children’s imaginations, built their confidence, and motivated them to take more interest in their own understanding of the various 3D Shapes.
They learned about Cubes, Cuboid, Cone, Cylinder and Sphere. They challenged themselves and displayed resilience in trying to create the shapes. Completely engrossed, students experimented and used their fine five senses to give wings to their imagination and retain their learning for a longer time.