Sports Meet 2023- Inter-School Triumph

Sports Meet 2023- Inter-School Triumph!
On 16th December 2023, the students of Kothari International School, Rainbow Department made us proud at the Annual Sports Meet 2023 hosted by Sunrise Learning Foundation.
The energetic participants from grades K2-5 performed and won medals in various events like Skating, Cycling, Race, Shotput, etc.
The following students won medals in the event:
1. Haniya Khan- Gold (Matching and Sorting), Gold ( Hit the target)
2. Shreyas Iyer- Gold (Skating), Gold (25m Race)
3. Keith Simon- Gold ( Matching and Sorting), Silver (25m Race)
4. Vihaan Thacker- Gold (50m Race), Gold (Skating)
5. Atharva Nayital- Silver (Cycling), Bronze (Kick the ball)
6. Shaurya Narayan- Gold (Cycling), Silver (50m Race)
7. Aadit S. Kumar- Gold (Shotput), Gold (50m Race)
The event continuously laid the emphasis on sports in a child’s life and physical and mental development. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and memories to cherish.