Professional Development Cell of Kothari International School

We are delighted to announce that the Professional Development Cell of Kothari International School- Learning Together successfully organized a workshop on 26th May. This highly enlightening session was led by the esteemed Rainbow Department (SEND) of the school, specializing in inclusive education. The workshop centered around the crucial theme of “Inclusive Education.”
The session was exceptionally enriching and fostered active participation from the attendees. Key subjects, including the NEP guidelines for inclusive education, classroom composition, and the impact of labelling or diagnosis, were comprehensively explored and discussed.
To enhance comprehension and deepen knowledge of inclusion, engaging role plays and experiential learning activities were thoughtfully implemented. These interactive exercises offered invaluable insights and practical experiences, promoting a greater understanding of inclusive practices.
The workshop proved to be an eye-opener for many teachers, broadening their perspectives and equipping them with effective strategies for inclusive education. The overall impact of the session was truly remarkable, significantly contributing to the professional development of our dedicated educators.