“Pehal – Culmination Event of Special Interest Clubs”:

Club-2: The Film and Photography Club
The Film and Photography Club is delighted to showcase the extraordinary talents of our grades 6-8 students through an exhibition of captivating images and self-directed movies. With a keen eye for detail and boundless creativity, our students have captured moments that stir emotions and tell compelling stories.
The presence of esteemed guests such as the Vice Principal, Trustee Sir, and VP Sir added to the excitement, as our students welcomed them with personalized movie tickets, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.
This exhibition not only celebrates the artistic achievements of our students but also underscores their ability to engage and inspire through the power of visual storytelling. Join us in applauding these talented young artists and experiencing their incredible work firsthand!
Stay tuned for more updates from the “Pehal – Culmination Event of Special Interest Clubs” as we continue to highlight the achievements and contributions of our diverse range of clubs.