Kothari International School, Noida, was an active participant

Kothari International School, Noida, was an active participant in the Fairtrade Convocation held at Pullman Hotel, Aerocity – New Delhi on 5th and 6th October, 2023. The School’s involvement in this event exemplifies its commitment to promoting Ethical and Sustainable Trade Practices and engaging its students in initiatives that align with Fair Trade principles.
FAIRTRADE- SUSTAINABILITY, MARKET AND IMPACT”, was the main topic of discussion at the conference.
A student Delegation of four students from Grade 11 – Saiparth Rajesh, Shiney Soorma, Aashi Agarwal and Suyashi Rawat accompanied by Ms Bina Jha attended the Convocation. These students actively participated in various sessions and discussions, gaining valuable insights into Fair Trade principles and practices.
Its main points of focus were Social justice, Environmental Protection, Gender Equality along with Economic Empowerment which constitutes its unique selling proposition. It impacts the economic, social, and environmental spheres of society, lifting people out of poverty, enabling them to become the engine of growth, delivering impact, managing risk, bridging the gap between consumers and producers, and overall contributing to solutions.
Principal KIS – Dr Sangeeta Arora was an eminent panellist who shared the stage with renowned educationists of Bharat . Putting forth her ideas she was able to create a strong consensus on the pivotal role schools can play in promoting Fair Trade.
The Student Delegation underlined the importance of schools in promoting Fair Trade principles and practices. By incorporating Fair Trade education, engaging students in advocacy, and forming partnerships with relevant stakeholders, schools can contribute significantly to the growth of ethical and sustainable trade practices, thereby fostering a culture of responsible consumerism and supporting the broader Fair Trade movement.
Schools may adopt the Fairtrade certification through three main steps that are, Fair Aware, Fair Active and Fair Achieve.