KIS organized Prize Day for the Middle School at the end of Session

Prize Day : 6-8 Session 2023-34
Each step forward brings us closer to our destination, provided we maintain the unwavering determination to persevere. Kothari International School, Noida celebrates the resilience and consistency of those students who have tirelessly pursued their goals. KIS proudly acknowledges the remarkable academic and extracurricular achievements of its students through Prize Day- an event eagerly awaited by students, teachers and parents alike.
Appreciation and acknowledgement form the cornerstone of the ethos of KIS. With this ethos guiding students, KIS organized Prize Day for the Middle School at the end of Session 2023-24.
This event transcended mere academic recognition and became a testament to the school’s holistic approach to education. Beyond academic proficiency, students were honored for their development of essential life skills, important for their personal growth and character formation.
As the school takes pride in nurturing its students, it celebrates their achievements across various categories, including 100% Attendance, Super Citizens, Super Samaritans and many more inspiring ones like these.
These awards serve as a poignant reminder to the students that every positive thought, action, and effort contributes to their growth and will be duly acknowledged.
Prize Day at Kothari International School, Noida, embodies the school’s commitment to raising accomplished individuals who not only excel academically but also exemplify the qualities necessary for success in all facets of life.