Inter-School Moot Court Competition held at DME College

Exciting News from Kothari International School, Noida!
We’re thrilled to share the highlights from the recent Inter-School Moot Court Competition held at DME College, Noida on 7th October 2023. This event showcased the exceptional collaborative efforts of DME College and Kothari International School, Noida.
Competition Highlights:
The competition brought together young legal minds who passionately debated a complex fictional case – Rahul vs. The State of Delhi. Our students demonstrated remarkable legal acumen and advocacy skills. They presented compelling arguments for both the prosecution and the defense, engaging in a spirited legal debate that left a lasting impression.
Milestone Meeting:
During the event, our Teachers Incharge, Ms. Dipti Chawla and Ms. Garima Joshi, along with our talented students, had the privilege of meeting with esteemed dignitaries from DME College, including Dr. Rashmi Khorana Nagpal, Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swami, and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh. This meeting emphasized our commitment to educational excellence and set the stage for future collaborations.
Outstanding Performance:
We are proud to announce that our Kothari International School team, Akshara Singh and Amishi Rawat from IGCSE 2, secured the runner-up position in the competition. Their dedication, teamwork, and legal acumen were truly commendable, showcasing the quality of education and mentorship they have received at our school.
A Unique Learning Experience:
The Moot Court Competition provided a unique and intellectually stimulating platform for our students to develop their legal skills, enhance critical thinking abilities, and deepen their understanding of criminal law.
We would like to thank DME College for their collaboration and look forward to nurturing legal excellence and providing aspiring lawyers with valuable opportunities in the years ahead.