Group counseling session was conducted by Ms Vanya Chadha

As a part of KIS Health and Wellness Program, a thought-provoking Group counseling session was conducted by Ms Vanya Chadha, our School Counsellor (Grades 8-12, LS1-A Level) for the students of Grades LS-3, to make them aware about the Importance of mental health in their lives.
The session began with an interesting activity in which the students introduced and shared the characteristics of their classmates. After this, a detailed discussion took place with the students on the Significance of mental health and it’s impact on their well-being.
This was followed by an engaging activity, wherein the students shared their perspectives on positive vs. negative emotions and the ways of expressing those with the help of exemplary situations. The session ended with the students being asked to express their understanding of positive and negative emotions and it’s impact on their mental health as well as well-being.
Further, this session served as a perfect opportunity for the students to gain knowledge on mental health, acknowledging their positive vs. negative emotions, in turn boosting their well-being as a whole.
Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students of Grade LS-3.