Grade K2 Quiz-Solar System Exciting News Alert!

Grade K2
Quiz-Solar System
Exciting News Alert!
At Kothari International School, Noida, we cherish the boundless curiosity and vibrant energy of our students!
Recently, on 15th February 2024, we embarked on a cosmic journey with our Grade K2 students through an exhilarating quiz centered around planets and space exploration. The enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by our young learners were truly awe-inspiring!
Children’s natural curiosity was ignited as they delved into the mysteries of the solar system, and to our delight, they answered each question with remarkable accuracy and unwavering confidence. It was heartening to witness their genuine passion for learning, transforming the quiz into an engaging and enriching experience for all involved.
Through friendly competition, we witnessed how a little challenge can inspire our budding mathematicians to reach greater heights of achievement.
Join us in celebrating the insatiable curiosity and boundless potential of our students!