Grade K2 Introduction of Five Senses

I use my sense of sight each day, gazing at the world when at play.
I hear the stomping of shoes, my hearing sense is number two.
Eating is such a treat, I know the difference between bitter and sweet.
I use my hands to know and touch, each thing has a texture oh so different much!
Sniffing all the odours out, my nose keeps me standing out.
To introduce different sense organs of the human body, a Sensory Booth was organized for the students of Grade K2 of Kothari International School. The facilitators had set up five different sense booths to make students understand the function and importance of each organ in a fun and innovative way.
Visual aids comprised of the sight booth, for touch sense different textures and sensations were introduced. Taste and smell booths had children experience different tastes and fragrances respectively. Lastly, the hearing booth had children experience different types of sounds.
The objective of providing an interactive way of introducing the five sense organs to the children was effectively achieved as each child participated in multitude activities organized to help them understand the function of each organ. Hence, reinforcing the concept of five senses.