Grade K1 Let’s Explore Germination- A Kindergarten Adventure

Let’s dive into the incredible world of germination – the magical process that turns tiny seeds into big, strong plants. The students of K1 on 1st February 2024 got ready for a fun journey where they discovered the secrets behind the growth of our green friends!
The teachers taught the little scientists that germination is like the plant’s way of waking up and stretching after a long nap. It’s the moment when a seed begins to sprout and grow into a plant. With the help of the gardener, the students were shown seeds of different vegetables.
They learned how to sow these seeds in the bed of soil and were taught that with proper care, sunlight, and water the seeds would germinate into tiny plants thereby making sure our green friends are happy and healthy. It was a welcome change for all the children and the joy was seen on their faces thereby looking forward to more such activities.