Grade 6 students visited the National Museum

On April 16th, 2024, Grade 6 students visited the National Museum as part of a field trip planned for social studies aligned with the curriculum. The goal of the field trip was to enhance the students’s understanding of our country’s history and cultural heritage through firsthand exploration of the museum’s exhibits.
Upon arriving at the museum, the students were greeted by knowledgeable docents who provided a brief orientation of each section visited and provided a guided tour of the museum in small groups.
Throughout the visit, the students demonstrated a high level of engagement and enthusiasm as they read informative placards and examined historical artifacts. Made keen observations and asked thoughtful questions.
One of the highlights was a skeleton in the “Indus Valley Civilization’ section which sparked curiosity among the students and they gained an insight of how excavations are done and what we find out from the materials obtained, about our past.
The visit to the National Museum was an invaluable educational experience for the sixth-grade students. It allowed them to bring their classroom lessons to life, fostered a greater sense of cultural awareness and appreciation, and ignited their curiosity to continue learning about the world around them.