Grade 2C & 2D Class Assembly: Land of Brave hearts

To inculcate a feeling of love and respect for various Indian cultures, the students of Grade 2 presented their special assembly based on the theme ‘The Land of Brave hearts: Maharashtra”. The idea behind it was to rediscover the rich culture and varied heritage of the land of brave hearts like Shivaji and Tatya Tope.
The students presented an interesting skit depicting the true spirit of Maharashtra. Children gave some very important information about the famous “Ganpati Utsav” and “Dahi Handi.” The dance performance based on the backdrop of Ganesh Chaturthi set the stage ablaze. Since “Hindi Diwas” is also around the corner, the flavour of the same was also beautifully woven into the presentation.
The assembly culminated with a video about various facets of Maharashtra. The confident children motivated the audience in abundance and the entire hall resonated with frenzied applause.