Empowering Grade 10 Students through Stress Management

As part of the KIS Health and Wellness Program, an engaging group counseling session was facilitated by Ms. Vanya Chadha, our esteemed School Counselor (Grades 8-12). The session aimed to enlighten Grade 10 students about stress management and underscore the importance of concentration in their academic pursuits.
Commencing with mindful breathing exercises, students were encouraged to take three deep breaths and share their current emotional states. The session seamlessly transitioned into an interactive activity where students enthusiastically introduced and discussed their hobbies. Following this, a comprehensive discussion unfolded, focusing on stress awareness, sleep schedules, and the pivotal role of concentration in academic success.
The session concluded with a proactive approach, prompting students to set one academic and one personal goal, along with devising a minimum of three strategies to achieve them. This served as a valuable opportunity for students to delineate specific academic aspirations and strategically plan their journey toward accomplishing them, thereby enriching their overall academic experience.
In essence, the session offered an insightful and empowering experience for the Grade 10 students, fostering holistic growth and well-being.