DIPLOMATHON is a high-impact learning platform for school student

DIPLOMATHON is a high-impact learning platform for school students to participate and reinvent the Diplomat within. Envisioning to provide students with an ultimate journey to diplomacy through the extensive 2 day Conferences, Mr. Chintan Raj held an hour-long introductory session for Grade 9 students on Monday, April 17, 2023.
The resource person elaborated on the mission, essence, and purpose of Diplomathon – World’s Largest Student Diplomacy Conference based in India that provides access to students in the 21st Century to learn, evolve and grow. The organization offers a platform to experience real-time transformation in participants via Experiential Training Workshops On International Relations & World Readiness.
Mr. Chintan effectively explained how Diplomathon Global is an innovative global education program that simulates international organizations like the United Nations, European Union, Internet Association, World Bank, etc. to empower young minds to become future leaders.
Through experiential learning, students develop diplomacy, leadership, and negotiation skills as they represent countries & companies to discuss global affairs. Participants deepen their understanding of international perspectives & global scenarios, fostering connections across geographies and enhancing their academic profiles. The top-performing schools would get a chance to represent their schools in countries like UAE, Indonesia, and Japan.
All in all, it was an incredibly informative and interactive session, with many students eager to participate. It concluded with a Question-Answer round where all queries were handled satisfactorily.