Congratulations to all our young authors for their achievements!

We are delighted to announce that Kothari International School Noida has received the prestigious Award for Excellence in Literary Field at India’s Summer Book Writing Festival!
Our students’ remarkable talent and dedication to the world of writing and entrepreneurship have shone brightly.
Representing schools from across India, our students embarked on a captivating journey that included creativity and imagination, writing, publishing, and the joy of seeing their words in print.
At the Summer Book Writing Festival Awards & Exhibition, our young authors left an indelible mark. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Ami Dror, CEO of Bribooks, for recognizing the literary brilliance of our students and applauding Kothari International School Noida as the Best School in Uttar Pradesh in the Literary Field.
The event kicked off with live interviews featuring our young authors, where they shared their inspiring writing journeys, their appreciation for the AI-driven platform provided by Bribooks, and heartfelt thanks to their schools, teachers, and mentors.
We are especially proud to announce that Ms. Shivangi Prasad of Grade 7B has been recognized as a Literary Leader for her outstanding book, ‘Ride to Horizon,’ and awarded the Writing Prodigy Author Certificate.