Celebrating Success at Grades 4 & 5 !

Celebrating Success at Grades 4 & 5!
Kothari International School is thrilled to honor the exceptional achievements of our talented students in grades 4 & 5! They’ve earned prestigious medals at the SOF-IGKO, organized by SOF, and have truly made their mark in this Olympiad.
Their outstanding performance in this renowned competition is a true testament to their cognitive abilities and unwavering dedication. We couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and accomplishments!
Let’s shower these students with heartfelt congratulations for their remarkable achievement!
Gold Medal of Excellence Winners:
Neer Tripathi- Grade 4
Nandika Agarwal- Grade 4
Pratyush- Grade 4
Ayushman Raj Singh- Grade 4
Aishani- Grade 5
Navendu Jain- Grade 5
Vihaan Khosla- Grade 5
Your dedication and perseverance have truly paid off!