Audio-visual aids are the best tool for making teaching

Audio-visual aids are the best tool for making teaching and learning processes more effective and help in best dissemination of knowledge. These tools provide knowledge in depth and detail, thus helping the learners to retain the concepts for a longer span of time.
Virtual reality made our Grade 2 children learn through experiences. Using virtual reality as immersive learning tools, students travelled the world, explored the impossible, and experienced learning directly in the palm of their hand! Virtual reality has improved education by providing our kids with memorable and immersive experiences, in contrast to the traditional methods of reading and writing.
Students are “transported” out of the classroom and their imagination is allowed to flourish. Since it’s just the beginning of the session we showed our children animated videos to have fun and to improve our student’s Imagination power. Engagements like VR helps them better understand, engage with and remember concepts.