Payel Samanta & Shubhadip Biswas

We are (parents of your Grade 1 (I) student Avishree Biswas) writing this letter to express our gratitude towards you for providing us with a great teacher, i.e., Priyanka Pant in Grade I.

We genuinely appreciate how Priyanka ma’am taught the little ones and cleared all the doubts. Always she has made more efforts to nurture Avishree than we. She is incredibly dedicated and sincere in her responsibilities. As per our experience, she is the brand of Kothari International School.

In this regard, we would kindly request you to consider Priyanka Ma’am as their Grade II teacher as she knows in and out all her students whom she has mentored and nourished and can elevate the students to a better level.

Our privilege will be to get Priyanka Ma’am as their Grade II teacher. Thanks a lot for your continuous assistance and guidance.

Thanks and Regards,
Payel Samanta & Shubhadip Biswas

(Parents of Avishree Biswas)