Career Counselling

Children, as they grow, deal with their own pressures and anxieties- some might be real or imaginary, some temporary or permanent. We provide counselling services to help our students understand themselves better and to deal with their life situationsThe school has trained counsellors, very skilled in dealing with children and adolescents. Counselling is absolutely confidential and parents are free to get in touch with the counsellor regarding any issue that worries them

Apart from handling emotional issues that may stem from the school, home or peer group, we also help the students to make career choices

The School’s careers programme is based on the principles of self development, career exploration and career management


What we offer:


  • An effective Careers guidance for students to support choices and to enable them to make informed decisions relating to their future
  • Organise an Aptitude- Interest- Personality test with a detailed report and follow-up individual counselling.
  • Academic advising for students.
  • Specific information and guidance to students and parents relating to subject choices, Higher Education choices, and to advise and expose them to possible career paths.
  • atest information about developments at government and university level to ensure that our students are well served in their progression from school to university and that they are kept informed of material changes and trends.


Other than counselling services we also believe in preventive measures strongly and for same we do many focussed group interactions with parents and children regularly. Topics like gender sensitization, adolescent growing up concerns & issues, child sexual abuse, creative thinking, developing group -discussion skills, intelligence more than IQ etc were few workshops been conducted recently

Our Counselling department is actively involved in both preventive and curative services. At KIS we constantly invite experts and professionals to address to various evolving issues related to both emotional and social wellbeing.