KIS History

‘Embracing The Future’ With A
19-Year Legacy

Kothari International School was founded by Mr. M.M Kothari and formally inaugurated on 16th October 2005. Our network is dedicated to nurturing young children in an inspiring and motivating environment, developing charismatic leaders equipped to ‘Embrace the Future’. Our school officially began its journey of nurturing young learners from the academic session 2006-07, when our Noida branch welcomed toddlers for the very first time. Our new school in Karanjade, Panvel aims to extend our founder’s vision to the children in Navi Mumbai.

Cultivating All-Round Learners

To further boost real-world learning, students can participate in a host of clubs and activities, ranging from sports to the arts to astronomy. These not only give them a platform for expression but also cultivate new hobbies, interests and perspectives.

Nurturing Children In An Inspiring Environment

As a day boarding school, we integrate the CBSE curriculum into our innovative pedagogy, teaching learners not only subject knowledge, but also the skills they need to thrive in a dynamic world. We believe in giving children the freedom to explore, pursue their own initiatives and complete assignments during the Swadhyaya (self-learning) period, conducted during school hours. The school building and infrastructural facilities have been designed to develop cognitive and affective skills in children. From basic elements such as air-conditioned classrooms and furniture that ensures correct postures to state-of-the-art labs and sports amenities, and from a holistic curriculum to experienced teachers, our team of educationists have left no stone unturned to develop an environment where every child is comfortable, happy and healthy.

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