Admission Procedure

Subject to availability, the School will provide a time-bound admission to its Pre-Primary Section, contingent upon the verification of age and physical fitness according to the School’s standards. Admission to Grades 1-7 is additionally dependent on a satisfactory previous school report and a successful outcome in the Entrance Interaction. To secure admission, parents must submit the completed and signed ‘School Application Form’, along with supporting documents and payment of fees/ deposits, on or before the specified date. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of admission. Confirmation of admission is only finalized upon the School’s receipt of the completed and signed ‘Admission Form’, along with supporting documents and payment of fees/ deposits.

Counsellor’s email ID

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Office timings

Monday – Saturday

Days available


Upon admission, the student will be registered upon completion of the ‘Student’s Registration Form’, entailing the payment of a registration fee. This process includes the verification of submitted documents, submission of photographs, a physical fitness certificate, a certified copy of the student’s annual evaluation from the last attended class and examination passed and acceptance of the provided terms

Fees and Deposits

The Admission Fee, once paid, is non refundable. Any deposits collected are refunded by cheque, deducting any outstanding charges or balances owed to the School after the student’s departure.

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